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AEDS Spotlight on African Owned Small Businesses in the Twin Cities



AEDS had the great opportunity to be featured on KFAI’s Wave Project segment on Sunday August 3, 2014 (click here to listen to the archived mp3 stream), which allowed us to share more information on the various services and programs we provide and our mission to building wealth within African immigrant communities throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding metros. One way we aim to see Minnesota’s various African immigrant communities fulfill their share of the American Dream is by providing Micro-Entrepreneurial Training and Small Business Consulting to new, emerging and established African owned small businesses throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding metros.

The highlight of KFAI’s Sunday Wave Project segment was providing some of AEDS’ African Small Business owners the opportunity to talk a little bit about their businesses including successes and challenges they encountered along the way. In addition, AEDS’ African Small Business owners gave testimony on how AEDS played a crucial role in helping them establish their businesses by giving providing them micro-entrepreneurial training, access to loans and marketing consulting.

From the numerous African owned small businesses AEDS has had the opportunity to assist, the following African small businesses were featured on KFAI’s Sunday Wave Project:

If you missed the KFAI Wave Project segment, the one-hour segment archive can be found on KFAI’s website by clicking here.

If you would like more information of African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) and the various services and programs we offer, feel free to stop by our office in St. Paul, Minnesota located at 1821 University Avenue West Suite S-291 St Paul, MN 55104 or we can be reached at (651) 646-9411 or (651) 815-9367.

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