Programs and Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Immigrant Homeowners and Entrepreneurs

Our organization goes above and beyond to helping African immigrants develop or rebuild their businesses and secure housing for themselves and their families. We offer remarkable solutions through workforce development programs, financial literacy workshops, homeownership workshops, business development training, small business consulting, and loan access.

Loan Access

At AEDS, we help our clients overcome obstacles that get in the way of accessing business loans. Our goal is to enable passionate entrepreneurs by providing access to the capital that helps launch their businesses. We eliminate the barriers that get in the way of economic opportunities by pioneering nontraditional financial instruments and following an innovative business development strategy.


Community Partnership

Our organization thrive to deliver outstanding results because we are invested in the well-being of the communities we serve. To fulfill our mission, we collaborate with community partners to ensure the success of our clients. Through our programs, current business owners are able to expand their existing companies while the new ones have the chance to create the business of their dreams.

Homeownership Counseling

Whether you are considering purchasing a home or already have found your dream home, our housing counselors are available to answer your questions. We can review your finances, credit report, and provide information on current mortgage loan programs, including down payment and closing cost assistance. Our counseling services are delivered confidentially and free of charge.

The Training

The training consists of classes, workshops, fieldwork, and one-on-one sessions. The curriculum is developed with the clients’ needs in mind. During the course, participants will be exposed to topics on how to best start a business and successfully grow it. These include:

  • Reviewing of Consumer and Market Trends
  • Effective Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Business Strategy

The Cost

The training fee is determined based on household income and family size. Typically, the price ranges between $75 and $500. Scholarships are available upon request based on income requirements.

The desired outcome of our business development training includes:

  • Participants will have developed key business management skills.
  • Participants will have identified and crafted their unique business model.
  • Participants will have completed business and financial plans to start or grow their business.
  • Participants will have grasped effective strategies to increase business survival and profitability.
  • Participants will have identified the most common pitfalls in launching and running successful businesses.

About Our Services

We reach out to several job seekers and employment institutions through our Workforce Development network. Our team recruits, screens, and sends employer candidates with the skills and credentials to fill their job openings. Additionally, in the case of emerging worker programs, our businesses provide the job, work direction, and supervision. Our Workforce Development Program provides the staff, coaching, and retention support.

Upgrading current employee skills is an integral part of our program. It helps other employers who need assistance in the improvement of their employees. This helps them apply for grants that support their programs.

Job Seekers

Our team works with all job seekers or candidates, from new employees to competent professionals. As a new worker or first-time job seeker, we work with you to achieve your goals. For mid-level professionals or employees who experienced loss of job or transitioned into a new career, we can work with you to help you have competitive advantages for new career opportunities.


Under our Workforce Development Program, employers are privilege to enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Worker Efficiency
  • Lessened Advertising, Training, and Retention Costs
  • Decreased Hiring Lead Time
  • Lower Employee Turnover
  • Support for Emerging Workers
  • Access to State and Federal Grants (Increase Existing Workforce Skills)

If you are interested in our Workforce Development Program, we are glad to assist you with filling the position with the best employee for the job.

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